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I'm POGUE...known by many as Chuck Pogue, a few as Charles Pogue, and billed professionally as Charles Edward Pogue...just because it really looks BIG splashed across a theatre programme or a movie screen. From that last remark and the profile on the left, you can see I'm a theatre man...And the term "theatre" encompasses stage, film, TV. I've been shooting my mouth off on other people's blogs and message boards for forever. So having finally gotten the hang of it, I've decided to build my own soapbox from which I can pontificate, blather, and muse...mostly on theatre, film, writing, music, books...but ultimately anything that interests me, irritates me, or just catches my fancy. I invite you to join me. I'll try to be faithful and update regularly, so that when you visit there will always be something fresh percolating and maybe even provocative that we can discuss, dissect, or debate.

Charles Edward Pogue

Sunday, March 8, 2009

By Way of Introduction...

Not much in the way of an introduction. The profile gives you a pretty good idea who I am and, if you stay around here long enough, you'll probably learn more about me than you want to know. Briefly then, I'm a native Kentuckian. My people came in with Dan'l Boone and settled the state. I grew up in Northern Kentucky across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Theatre Arts degree. I plied my trade for over forty years as an actor and a writer, nearly thirty in Hollywood writing screenplays.

In 2005, The Lovely Wife, Julieanne, and I moved back to Central Kentucky. One might consider me semi-retired, though I still keep an agent in LA, who is the soul of patience, my biggest fan, and doesn't nag me too much about writing the next hot spec script. And The Lovely Wife and I have become enmeshed in our first love -- theatre -- working with an exciting , ambitious theatre company, Actors Guild of Lexington, which has been called "the flagship theater" of Central Kentucky. The theatre works diligently to achieve its goal of attaining the Actors Equity designation of Small Professional Theatre and, like so many theatres in these economically challenged times, mounts great productions while trying to keep the wolf from the door. We share the dream of many Arts organizations of Angels with deep pockets and generous hearts, grateful for any size donation, but willing to name the theatre after anyone who might want to drop two or three million on us. But, in any case, we persevere.

Anyway, Pogue's Pages will share with you Pogue's adventures in and out of Hollywood, in and out of theatre, in and out of his storm-tossed mind and whatever happens to be boiling on it. Hope you stick around as it evolves and finds its way, that you'll share your own thoughts on my mental-meanderings, and that we'll have some lively and fun discussions.

A Pogue Bon Mot

"The private sector is nothing more than incompetence combined with greed. The public sector is well-meaning incompetence."

--overheard on THE NEWS QUIZ on BBC Radio 4--

Thanks to Eric Ryan Seale, my theatrical comrade-in-arms and Associate Director at Actors Guild, for giving this computer cretin a tutorial on how to set this blog site up. Any errors are utterly mine, not his.


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